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Mermaid Azela offers different packages to suit your dream event - whether it is pool side or land appearance you are after, she can cater for you and even customise the package to suit you the best. The packages are guidelines to what she can do for you.





Azela is a crafty mermaid! She creates unique mermaid jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, tiaras, hair clips), swimmable tails for kids, shell bras, and many more!

The items are all made of real shells, plastic or glass beads, silicone. Please make sure you are not allergic to any materials used (especially shellfish).





Let me grab the opportunity and welcome you to my, Mermaid Azela's page. If you are looking for a special kind of entertainment for your child's birthday, festival, or any other event, have a quick look at the "packages" option from the menu.


If you are interested in myself or my mermaid persona - Azela - make sure you check the "about" section, where you can read about how Mermaid Azela ended up here and about how I became obsessed with swimming, and of course mermaids!


Browse the "gallery" for pictures of me, Azela in action. There are some professional ones, thanks to Aquastudios (Newquay) and a few my mertender, Roderick snapped with his GoPro camera.

In the "FAQ" you can find the frequently asked questions (the list is not exhaustive). There are two sections: the mermaid FAQ and the bookings FAQ. The mermaid FAQ contains questions children ask quite frequently - Mermaid Azela happily answered them for you. The bookings FAQ will answer some of the questions asked regarding events.


I have a shop too! Or at least I will have one very soon, make sure you keep an eye out! I will be making the items myself, all sorts of mermaid accessories and else. Payment is accepted via PayPal.


If there is anything I can help you with or have not included here, please find my contact details in the "contact" option.



Best regards,

Mermaid Azela

She loves pictures! The gallery is updated regularly, make sure you dont miss out a thing!