Mermaid Azela

- mermaid for hire

Mermaid Azela was washed upon shore in 2015 and since she could not find her way back to her family in the ocean she got lonely and started seeking the attention of the humans.


Azela believes the power of creativity and imagination helps children understand their surroundings better, deeper, and uses her enchanting persona to educate them about the ocean in a way they can process easily.


Azela dances, sings, can tell tales and knows games to entertain, and of course can swim and can show how to swim like a real mermaid - in a pool, in a lake, sea or ocean, does not matter!


She loves making public appearances near the shore, so whenever you are walking along the beach, make sure you keep an eye out for her - who knows what the next wave will reveal.

Mermaid Azela

Anett Novak

When I was very little I used to play mermaid in the lake where I lived back in Hungary. I would ask for my grandma's green bedsheets and cut them up to create a swimmable tail (she was NOT happy about it!) and always looked for ways to look like or act like a creature that lived in the water. I also loved (and still love) horses and acted like a kelpie whilst my sister was my mermaid I had to save from the seawitch or currents that would take her away from her family.


The only mermaid story I was familiar with at the time was the Japaneese adaptation of Andersen's tale, which - let's admit - hasn't got a very happy ending but it captivated me. Later of course I too saw the Disney movies, but they did not leave such a deep impact.


I truly believe in the power of your fantasy, your inner child that never grows old, and that you can achieve anything - even to become a mythical creature one day.


I have been living in England for 5 years now and worked in various customer service roles making sure I walked the extra few miles to give the best possible experience in whatever role I was filling in.


Every now and then I do some modelling, and I love making historical and fantasy clothing! I love horse riding, and practicing archery. I am a pilot in training - all in all one busy girl!


I am trained in First Aid and CPR by British Red Cross.


I am a practicing Freediver with an AIDA Level2 certificate.