Mermaid Azela

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Mermaid FAQ

Can you breathe under water?


No I cannot. Like dolphins and whales, I also need to surface for some oxygen.


Do you know Ariel?


I have heard of her but we've never actually met.


Can you walk?


When I am on land I can choose to do so, yes. I do prefer being a mermaid though!


Are those real shells?




Can I become a mermaid too?


You can indeed. The only limit is your own imagination!


Can you make me a shell bra/accessory?


I can!

What do you require for a dry event?


Well, a chair would be nice and if the event is outside, shade would be much appreciated too. However, the most important would be a discreet location where I can change without children seeing me.


How many children can you entertain alone?


Very maximum 10. In water especially, where safety comes first. Please note that I am not a lifeguard, and I will need adults around in case of a pool-party to make sure everything is under control. You can hire a lifeguard separately if concerned as I am not liable for accidents or drowning.


Can I cancel or reschedule my event?


By all means. In case of cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.


What is a mertender?


My helper! Every mermaid needs one as we cannot move on land - no feet! They help us getting ready, carry us and snap photos!