Mermaid Azela

- mermaid for hire

Children's parties (60-120GBP)

Mermaid sighting (80GBP)

Charity events

What else would make your child's birthday more memorable and more exciting other than a mermaid? These 2 packages are fully customisable to your needs and imagination. Please find the description of what is offered in each package, prices and various add-ons, you can include for an additional fee.

Before you book, or have a look at the packages offered, please make sure you familiarise yourself with my terms and conditions. I know, this is less interesting, but this will prevent inconveniences caused by not knowing some basic rules. When you book, you will be agreeing to these terms automatically.

Probably the most magical and memorable way to meet a real mermaid! Just imagine: wandering alongside the beach/lake with your family and friends and suddenly a mermaid appears between the waves and ventures closer and closer. This is the perfect way of surprising someone special.


The sighting will turn into a meet-and-greet, you can swim, chat, sing along with Azela, and who knows, maybe she will have a little something for you to keep for later. The sighting lasts for an hour (additional time can be requested). This activity is designed for maximum 5 children plus adults.


Make sure you bring your goggles and cameras!

You can add the following extras to make your birthday guests even happier (prices per 10 children unless stated otherwise)



  • removable mermaid tattoos

  • glittery make up with crystals and more

  • mermaid treasures (stones, shells, crystals, pirate eyepatches, etc)

  • mermaid jewellery (or pirate accessories for boys)

  • special mermaid hairclip for the birthday child (handmade with real shells - see shop)

  • special mermaid crown for the birthday child (handmade with shells, beads - see shop)

  • mermaid colouring sheets with crayons provided

  • crafty entertainment (jewellery making; equipment provided)

  • custom made mermaid tail (non-swimmable)

  • framed, decorated and signed photo

  • underwater footage made with GoPro Hero4+ by mertender Roderick (cut and made into a fun video to last)

+ 10GBP

+ 30GBP

+ 25GBP

+ 30GBP

+ 10GBP

+ 18GBP

+ 15GBP

+ 40GBP

+ 40GBP/tail


+ 40GBP

IMPORTANT NOTICES, please read carefully:


In case of several add-ons with the total value of more than 180GBP please drop me a line to receive special discounts!

If you would like to book the "crafty entertainment", extra 30 minutes added to your timeslot is included in the price.

When adding a custom mermaid tail for your child, please provide me with the child's measurements.

Please make sure none of the children are allergic to shellfish, silicone, glitter (yes! it is possible!), etc.

If any parents would like us not to photograph or record their child, please make sure you point out the child in question, we will comply with their request.

A big group picture at the end is our complimentary gift to you (framed and decorated) when the booking value exeeds 180GBP.



This package has a fixed price, includes free cancellation (see details below) and rescheduling as well as giveaway items, for up to 5 children. We do snap photos and record the event.


Deposit is required (20%), but in this case it will be fully refundable if the cancellation is made because of the weather conditions.

I reserve the right to cancel the event or refuse the booking if the conditions (water temperature or cleanliness are inadequate - if unsure, just ask someone or ask yourself: would you let your child in the water with eyes fully open?)


IMPORTANT NOTICES: This package is strongly depending on weather and water temperatures. Be sensible when you book. It is advised that you reserve a summer day for the sighting to avoid disappointment.


Please make sure none of the children are allergic to shellfish, silicone, glitter (yes! it is possible!), etc.


If any parents would like us not to photograph or record their child or themselves, please make sure you point out the child and adults in question, so that we can comply with their request.




* Would like to hire Azela for when you are abroad? Not a problem! She happily travels to foreign beaches too so you and your family can swim and play with a mermaid during your holidays!

I love giving back to the community and participating in charity events. I value and welcome your proposals, and will try my best to accommodate your requests but please be aware that because of other charity works I might not be able to schedule yours.



Festivals, parades

I enjoy festivals a lot! If you would like to include me as a colourful addition on top of your float, get me to give out leaflets, have a travelling tank and would like to have something special to show off in it, I am your mermaid!


As every event is different, please contact me for a quote.



  • Your booking is not confirmed until a non-refundable deposit is received. That means your date is not secured and can be given to someone else if they pay the deposit first. Depending on the event, the deposit paid upfront is normally 20% of the total price.

  • Booking a pool is entirely your responsibility. Please check with the pool if they allow fins and tails. I will be including a list of pools that allow fins and parties on this site soon.

  • Having adults with the children is a must. Remember: I am not part of the adult-child ratio in the pool!

  • In case we need to travel further, travel fees will apply.

  • When we take photos and record your event, we reserve the right to use them on our website. Before doing so, we will ask for your written permission and list of photos we can use.

  • I accept payment via bank transfer, cash and if shopping online, PayPal. A receipt will always be given.

  • Think about how many children will attend (in case of kids' parties) as a mermaid needs quite a bit of space to be able to swim around.

  • I will need a discreet place to change and probably a helper too (in case my mertender is too busy to join me).

Thank you for your understanding. The full list of terms and conditions will be added shortly.

  • swimming and playing with the children

  • show and teach tricks and mermaid swimming

  • mermaid rides!

  • water related games

  • photography and recordings (if available)

  • story telling or reading

  • singing together

  • circle time games

  • Q&A

  • photography and recordings (if available)

1 hour water entertainment (80GBP) includes:

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1 hour land entertainment (60GBP) includes:

Full package (120GBP) includes:

  • all of the above activities!